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Leakage Warning System

A novel Leakage Level Warning System Using a Statistical Method

黃佑仲1、侯煜堃2、馬孟2、吳煥宗3、陳漢宗3、Ronald Garcia4、吳智光1 1弓銓企業股份有限公司,2中國河南省鄭州自來水投資控股有限公司 3國立臺南高級工業職業學校,4崑山科技大學


The effectiveness of leakage control implementation in a water supply network relies on a precise leakage level estimation.
As the water supply network expands, and the pipe network conditions varies, and the water usage pattern changes, the estimation of leakage level becomes a big challenge for many utilities. In order to obtain a better estimation of leakage in the main, especially background leakage, utilities commonly take tenth or even hundredth of samples of the flow rate during midnight within District Metering Areas (DMA). However, this estimation has a significant margin of error. One of the reasons is that the pressure cannot be kept constant during the sampling, which means that the leakage rate also varies.
In this study, the flow was monitored constantly at midnight and the data was processed using standard deviation method. In conjunction with a pressure monitoring system to estimate the relationship between leakage and pressure, or better known as N1 value. Such method revealed a more precise leakage level estimation. The N1 value was then used to estimate the 24 hours leakage level.

Keywords: leakage, minimum night flow, N1 value.

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